Wednesday, 5 June 2013

WOYWW #209

Hi everyone...
Just got back from checking out all the fab crop photo's over at Lunch Lady Jan's...
looks like everyone had a fantastic time - Congrats Julia and Jan...

Now my desk this week...
There you go ...
I have a card to post to Mrs A - its in my
address book so I don't forget...

There is another beach hut image
I am trying to decide whether to leave this one
black & white...
Or colour it with my Tombows...

I still have some blooms to play with...
And that's it - haven't forgotten anything... have I?

Well maybe those of you with eagle eye noticed something I didn't mention... nom nom nom...

Gotta love the Malteasers... on sale - couldn't resist!!

If you would like to have a look at creative desks around the world - pop over to Julia's at
 The Stamping Ground - its lots of fun!!
Thanks for stopping by... Mxx 


  1. I like it black and white... loving all the crop photos, it was a great day!! Helen 5

  2. I like the black and white image but I really think that its the primary colours of beach huts that makes them so much fun to view... so either way is good! Maltesers... yummmm, pass some over! Happy WOYWW from Annette #8

  3. Love colour, love B&W so either way :) But shame on you for the tempting Malteasers.... DOH!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (10)

  4. What an organised space you have. Thanks for the earlier visit, the ink pad storage is a divided acylic box turned on end. Have had it for YEARS, can't even remember where I got it.
    I vote for black and white and more Malteaters!!!
    Krisha #11 who LOVES Malteaters

  5. I so love the beach houses, we have some like that not that far from me here in Australia that are still used, they are so bright and cheery but not at this time of year when the weather is so cold and gloomy heading into winter soon.

    Lovely clean desk and a great collection of TomBows. Thanks for visiting us, it was nice of you to pop in.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 18

  6. Oh no choccy and I am trying to cut down - oh goodie they are calorie free on WOYWW desks - phew! BJ#22

  7. Beach huts are such fun aren't they? That's a great stamp you've got there.. Love it!
    Hugs, LLJ :5 xx

  8. Loving those beach huts. We are going to England in Aug and DH's cousins have two beach huts...right on the main level as you walk down the cobbles to the beach. Can't wait to sit and chat and soak up the sun ...all while having a cuppa...heaven!

  9. You have got some great stuff going on on your desk, don't forget to post that card. I have to ask where did you get the maltesers from as I have never seen a box with that man in.
    Wishing you a very happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week
    Ria #39

  10. Oh that's not right teasing us with all those yummy chocolates I so love those ones!!!!!! uggg Your desk is making me hungry
    Happy WOYWW hugs Nikki 2

  11. Beach huts - amongst my fave images. Like it balck and white, but find colour irresistible really, so no help with that decision from here!! That box of maltesers looks fab - they genuinely wouldn't last long...`i'd just 'chain eat' till they were gone!!

  12. Yep! Spotted the maltesers straight away and helped myself to a few, hope you don't mind! Should have hidden them if you do! LOL!
    Nice neat looking desk there. Love those beach hut images. I would be inclined to just colour a little in of them!

  13. Oh nom, nom, I can't get past the maltesers, they are my favourite. The beach huts look great in black and white but then they are an iconic figure down south. They are all painted in bright colours so maybe some really bright colours would make them pop on the paper. Either way they are gorgeous.
    Have a great week.
    Von # 14

  14. Yum-you have the yummiest desk this week! Happy WOYWW! ♥ Sue K 19

  15. Okay, you girls that put photos of food or talk about food ... like your choccies, Mo ... whatever the heck else you had on your post just flew right out the window!! I hope you have a wonderful week! xxoo Darnell (I'm just visiting this week, so no no.)

  16. Nom nom nom indeed! Belated Happy WOYWW wishes to you Mo. I like your tidy desk.

    Sarn xxx

  17. Oops! Sorry, could not resist, I helped myself to a Malteser :(
    I love the beach huts, I like them coloured but these look good as they are so I say it is up to you on this one. Sorry.
    Hugs, Neet 17 xx - thanks for visiting me earlier - I have been crafting outdoors trying to enjoy this sun whilst we have it.

  18. Lovely crafty space and ooooooooo your pens! And now that I've been good and eaten celery and spinach ... I'm drooling like mad over your maltballs lol. Happy WOYWW! #108

  19. Fab workspace, Maudieroff, and how very cruel the torture is on WOYWW Maltesers, and soooo many, arggggggh! :D thanks for popping over, Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x #7