Wednesday, 1 May 2013

WOYWW #204 - First post....

I am jumping in with both feet - WOYWW [What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday] is celebrating 4 years soon and I must say the ladies I have connected with so far are very creative and inspirational. The time I used to spend on FB is dwindling drastically and this blogging thing is taking over my life - entering challenges is very addictive and the number of cards I am churning out is expanding expidentially!!!!

I have a closed group on FB where I have published my creations for over a year for some friends  - but they are not Papercraft Addicts and so I dont get that neccessary feedback to keep me buzzing!! You all know what I am talking about...

Here goes...
This is actually the living/lounge room in my home - living on my own I am lucky enough to spread out - previously I was one of those OCD type people who had to put things away between every  project I now only need to make an effort when my daughter drops in or visitors pounce... I mean visit!!
Looking from my kitchen bench where I have stamping & embossing stuff set up down into my dining area where I have my laptop and dry embossing / die cutting set up - then over the top of the sofa into my TV area where I sit and do my actual creating at the coffee table... whew!
Left is my embellishments, ribbons, bling, papers, punches, markers, inks etc etc etc...        and on the right is my stamps storage... started as a single storage box almost 20 odd years ago - so I dont think I've done too badly as far as a stash is
concerned - I am of course refraining from showing you the garage - whats that show on telly - Hoarders - Buried Alive??  LOL... Enough wool for 20 jumpers, embroidery thread and tapestry supplies to cover quite a few canvases as well as a tonne of soil for when I finally get around to sorting out my courtyard... no you don't need to see all that!
And finally - What is on "My" Workdesk this Wednesday...
I was going to try and enter my very first Rudolph Day over at Stamping for Pleasure with the red & green cards [Edited: apologies - I had an incorrect link] - but I missed the deadline - they really aren't ready so I'll keep working on them til the next time... and I posted a turtle card recently so coloured another turtle embossed with green ink instead of black - mmm I think it looks better - and I have been browsing the catalogue for the upcoming papercraft convention in June, and I am also re-organising some paper & card stock that is getting out of hand... and the list just goes on and on.. I hope to become a regular visitor at WOYWW -
Thanks for stopping by... Mxx



  1. Nice tidy workspace Mo! Cathy x

  2. I love this peek into your living-craft room! Welcome and happy woyww, Hugs from Holland. Marit #84

  3. I think your creative space looks very well set up! Welcome to WOYWW (beware it's addictive), and it's always nice to come across another Aussie!
    Happy WOYWW from
    RosA # 47

  4. OMGoodness - how tidy :-) I would love to come and rifle through your stuff !!!
    I know what you mean about the garage... I love stuff and then I don't get round to using it or it's soooo lovely I don't want to use it coz I will run out !! Complete madness :-D
    Thanks for visiting and happy WOYWW.
    IKE xx # 93

  5. Lovely pics of your working space! It is nice not to have to tidy away between sessions isn't it? This WOYWW thing is ace, really addictive. I think I came in at about( paused to go check folder on pc, lol)- blimey, I found a folder for WOYWW #100! Didn't realise I'd been posting that long. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #80

  6. great crafting space you have

    Happy WOYWW, have a great week

    Candace #58

  7. How lovely to have all that space to yourself to organise just as you want. All my stuff is crammed into a little corner! Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW! Caro x (#70)

  8. Welcome to WOYWW! My word, although you have the space, your stash is still all incredibly neatly is your surface, coffee table/ works ! Cute turtle, by the way!

  9. Wow, love all your stuff and it is all so neat and tidy.

  10. Your room looks like a great space to work.
    Karen #52

  11. Hi Mo and welcome to WOYWW!! It is so fun to see your workspace! I'm very impressed at how efficient and organized you are and, yes, how "in control" you are about too much stuff! I'm embarrassed that I have tons more than that in half the time! Oh, well I don't have any wool, so that evens us out, right?!

    I wanted to mention that you accidentally put the Rudolph Day link to my blog and I don't do that challenge. Hettie (Sam) does that on her blog. When you go back in and edit your post here is the web address: (Hmm, I don't know how to link inside a comment so it is the whole darn thing web address. Let me know if that doesn't work or you can't find her online.)

    Thanks for popping by to visit me! Have a wonderful week!! Darnell #60

    1. Thanks Darnell - I'll fix that up straight away... cheers... oh and yes we can call it even LOL Mxx