Wednesday, 15 May 2013

WOYWW #206

Yeehar - Happy Happy Happy WOYWW - well maybe - I was #56 last week and if I am real quick I will be #55 this week.... LOL drop on by Julia's Blog at the Stamping Ground to join in a trip around crafting desks all over the world...

Here goes:

Dang it - while uploading I refreshed my browser and missed out - now up to #58 - but hang on I want to put up some more shots....

 That ditzy Pirate is still floating around wrangling for attention - I had such a clear idea of what I was going to do too - but other things just took over... Refresh browser #60 - come on photos - load quicker... LOL
I saw a beautiful black & white image over at Lavinia Stamps that blew me away so I went and dug out this little cottage I have had for years - planning to hopefully use it before next week...
Refresh browser - #61...
Mmmm purple - used some card for my dreamcatcher during the week and this was left over the flowers from a green floral card but didnt use them - and the pink card single layer entered into a challenge but I aint happy with it - so it will sit til I work out what's missing... Refresh browser #62...
Love love love deconstructing cards I have received - except the special ones... this was an engagement invite - you know those bulk ones that get sent to everyone - deconstruct & re-use re-cycle... Refresh browser #63... nearly there...
Stamped onto semi-gloss card that came wrapped up with fancy paper the little flowers should eventually make at least 2 cards in the coming week.... Refresh browser #65...
OK I am ready - I wonder what # I will end up with ????????????????
Thanks for stopping by... Mxx


  1. Happy WOYWW and you have ended up at #67!! What a good idea to deconstruct things you received. I often save greetings cards/tags etc, but never taken things apart. Ali x #27

    1. Thanks for dropping by Alison - I thought I was #65 when I did a quick Trek around the top 15 - but just checked and you are correct #67... oh well its not life threatening... LOL Mxx

  2. Hi M!

    Thanks for visiting me today.

    Your desk looks pretty neat to me! I'm pleased to have found another OCD crafting candidate!

    Happy WOYWW.

    Sarn #80

  3. LOL! Technology is a joy and a burden, isn't it? Love how you re-use, and lurve purple too!

    Happy WOYWW!
    MA (3)

  4. Ha Ha - I always think I am going to be a number in the queue and when I hit post! Totally different. Two fat ladies today and I only started my diet you think the universe is trying to tell me something???? Great post Hugs to you from Helen 88

  5. a desk of a variety of things for us this week once you got them loaded that is, what a laugh.
    I think we all like to take things apart to see how they were made
    Have a great WOYWW today and a fabby week
    Ria #21

  6. Sometimes I just have to take apart greetings cards I'm sent...I do try to wait until after the celebration!! Happy WOYWW. Pam#14

  7. Yep you are definitely #67 - the refresh thing usually gets me too. I thought I was #1 then Neil pipped me to the post BUT as luck would have it he posted the wrong link so had to settle for #8 in the end so I got #1 WOW - loads of replies to get through as a result though - LOL. Love your flowers. Thanks for popping by today BJ#1

  8. Cute post, Mo! Great photos of your process. It's always extra fulfilling to be green and make something out of something else! Thanks for coming by earlier! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #37

  9. LOL Glad you got there in the end :)Cathy x

  10. LOL Yep at #67 now think your stuck there, the shine on your flowers look fantastic look forward to seeing your finished creation hugs Nikki #2
    And Yes there can be a stamping emergency ... or so I've been told from my sister and she has a mini store in her basement and still says she wants something from the store lol and when we swap it's thru snail mail so waiting time can kill her lol

  11. Great idea to re-use things.

    Enjoy the rest of the week. Susi #137

  12. G'day Mo
    thanks for dropping by my blog for WOYWW. Those WOYWW folks are so quick in posting I too can never get in the low numbers...besides I'm usually at work when Julia posts and then I am not home till 8hrs after then. LOL at your thought processes as that is me too...GOSH I love yr carousel thiny and the cottage stamp is cute.
    Annette In Oz #11

  13. Thanks for dropping by my the way you kept checking what number you would be! It is always a surprise as it can change after it has been assigned too!

    Your desk looks great...always love to upcycle too!

  14. Thanks for the kind comments on my garden posts!
    We had the sale today and we are both exhausted.
    Turns out we had about 400 plants in total and only have about 150 left. We met so many lovely gardeners and some young girls just starting their planting days!
    Such fun and a nice wad of cash to boot!

  15. What a fun post - talk about posting on the hoof LOL. Sorry I am late, been away and since coming back am suffering with hay fever which has meant eyes almost closed.
    Hugs, Neet xx