Tuesday, 20 August 2013

T 4 Tuesday #6

Hi there - cruise on over to Altered Book Lover and enjoy a cuppa while visiting crafty people sharing stories, crafts and a cuppa thanks to our hostess Elizabeth...

Vanilla Latte this week - I probably shouldn't at 10 to 10 at night but its sooooo cold....

I had just finished making the card in the background which is a with sympathy including an owl - and I guess the colouring is what led me to believe I needed a coffee LOL...
On the right are some "work" party invitations I snaffled a couple of years ago and just found in one of my garage crates - looks like some deconstruction is on the cards [pun intended]...
Finally apologies for the blatant "product placement" under my cutting mat but the big paper bag makes things so much cleaner when I get a bit messy... and if you didn't notice it sorry for drawing your attention!!!
Work wise no changes - careers management interview with an external company tomorrow to see what I want to do next - at 50 - sleep would be nice...
Thanks again for all your lovely comments and have a great week - Thanks for stopping by... Mxx


  1. Go to bed! (Yes I'm going now too, in a minute LOL!!) Cathy x

  2. When I spied the card in the background, I was wondering if you had dyed the paper with some of your latte, since on my monitor the colors match perfectly!

    I am new to paper crafts so I don't have quite the stash that some do (I am learning not to throw anything out), but I can identify with "She who dies with the most crafting supplies, wins"!

  3. Brrrrrrrrrrr, its going to be a chilly one tonight indeed and tat latte looks very nice about now! Lovely card on coffee coloured paper and I would have kept those party invites too... they are super!!

  4. Continued good luck on your job hunt.
    your work space is so tidy and busy too...
    Happy T day to you

  5. You had me laughing all the way through this post. Lots of fun humor, and a latte, too. I hope you got some sleep because I was sleeping when you posted (grin). There's nothing like deconstructing something you have no use for. I've threatened to do that a lot of times, but have trouble doing so.

    Glad you joined T today, and hope you get a favorable interview and encouraging news.

  6. The sympathy card is the softest shade of latte that I have ever seen.
    Good Luck on your interview.

  7. Oh yes...deconstructing...very familiar with that! I do a ton of it. :) product placement? Guess I missed that or I'm not aware of the product/brand. Oh well enjoy the latte and a good sleep. Hugs

  8. Your vanilla latte looks divine!! Sleep??? sometimes is overrated and takes away from craft time LOL
    Love the card that matches your latte
    Happy T Day and good luck with the interview!!

  9. Hello and Happy Tuesday! I like the card you made, PRETTY and matches your yummy drink. Will send some warm weather your way. Good luck at your interview! Thanks for sharing!

  10. The latte looks yummy...not at the time of night though. Yikes! I'd never sleep.
    Happy Tuesday!

  11. the coffee--and the card--are the perfect color! I like a little coffee with my milk and sweetener...