Tuesday, 27 August 2013

T for Tuesday #7

Hi everyone... a little earlier than usual for me... I came straight home and dumped everything down to get a cool drink... its fruit punch cordial with plain mineral water.... if you would like to join everyone for a cuppa and a natter pop over to Altered Book Lover and see Elizabeth for the details...

I'm not officially clearing out my desk at work - but its amazing the stuff that gathers over the years...
Someone gave me a glass chess set cos if I didn't want it it was going in the bin - I don't own a chess set so I gladly took hold of it... the shoe box full of cards is my stock that sits near me at work - when someone needs a card they pop on over for a gander... as I am away for a few days I thought I would bring it home and see if anything needs "freshening up"... the white nag has promotional stuff - water bottle, lanyard, earphones... the usual stuff will give to Daughter when she next visits... this is the table where my big shot dies &ef's live in the middle of my loungeroom... looks like a pig sty but its hiding all the dust!! Another job on the list lol...

By the way if you read Elizabeth's blog this week she pointed out how the naked eye doesn't always pick up what the camera does by showing us her fabulous roses in the front garden... 
Well her comment reminded me of a post I made - not that long ago - where right in the middle of the photo - albeit in the background my cat had left a deposit... I didn't notice until I was reviewing comments  - eeeeyyyyoooowwww  and no-one has noticed - of course I shared with my sister and now she checks all my posts very carefully - I don't think I will ever live it down... but I am lazy cheeky enough that its still posted... lol

Our morning bus has a driver named Brad and he always has a cheery greeting for everyone - especially the "girls" - we have called ourselves Brad's Harem - I only told them yesterday about my work situation and today one of the lovelies gave me a little surprise today - a purple [my fave colour] organza gift bag with the following contents and this lovely note:
"The Happy Bag"
A marble for those days when you think you have lost yours...
A piece of string to hold it together when everything seems to be falling apart...
A heart to remind you that someone loves you...
A teddy bear for a nice big hug when you need one...
An eraser to make all those little mistakes go away...
A coin so you will never be completely broke...
Attached to the bag was a smiley badge - what a lovely thing - I gave her a big cuddle...
made me feel all warm & fuzzy!!

Have a great week everyone - Thanks for stopping by... Mxx


  1. What a great surprise that bag must have been. And so thoughtful, especially since it made me smile when I read each element. I love the concept behind the heart, too.

    Now I must check out that cat post (grin). Thanks for sharing all this love and so much more for T today.

  2. LOL at the cat deposit pic, the least you could have done is given us a link! ;) What a lovely thoughtful gift to receive, great ideas too! Hope things sort themselves out soon for you, its harder not knowing than having to deal with the actual knowledge sometimes.

  3. What a thoughtful gift from your bus buddies! Great idea too. Cathy x

  4. I have just bought some 'useful boxes ' to replace my shoe boxes...but I know I shall still keep them! (just in case) Happy T for Tuesday!

  5. Reading about that thoughtful gift reminded me that there is much value in small things. It cheered me up today!

  6. Love the story about your cat deposit LOL. Love the Happy Bag and what a lovely gift.

  7. I'm in love with Happy Bag!! I'm so going to use that for my girl!
    Happy Tuesday!

  8. I love the Happy Bag idea. The marble , ha !
    I have a lovely family photo in front of the Christmas Tree and in the background is a bra draped over a chair. Not cat poo . . . but not a pretty lacy bra. . . just your standard issue everyday worn out and shoulda been thrown away variety.

  9. i'm lovin' the "happy bag" idea. i will remember that one. thx for sharing :)

  10. Love the Happy Bag too and will definitely be using it for a gift idea.
    Back ground effects are always embarrassing, but so funny to see that we are all human!

  11. ooohhh love the happy bag idea, will make some of these up to pass out. Our pre-k teachers always gave us moms a "take care of you" bag while I take care of your little one bag on the first day. These simple little things make me HAPPY!!
    What a nice idea to keep a box of cards at work, this would be good for my church. How thoughtful of you to do this and share them.
    Laughing at your cat surprise, funny how we see things later on when it's too late.

  12. The gift from your bus friend is so sweet! I'm going to have to remember that, so I can make up a similar bag next time one of my loved ones needs a pick-me-up.

    Happy T day!

  13. That is the best bag gift idea I have ever heard of! Yup--that would make my day, too. Thanks for stopping by and Happy T-day a little late. :)