Tuesday, 27 August 2013

WOYWW #221

Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday...??

Here is mine... we just got back mins ago...

6 sheets of dp, 7 bling in colours I don't have - who knew there were so many?? 4 pks of cards - 6 for $1 with envelopes... bargain, white paper flowers to replenish my stash and a mini sentiment stamp pack - total $20...

I know I know - why do I need more? Because she who dies with the most wins!!! LOL...

On the left of this lot of goodies is some pre cut Kraft cards that I got from SU over a year ago and took me over an hour to remove all the fiddly bits...

Above the new stuff is a red stripey card in progress, stamped butterflies and baby images ready to be fussy cut, a colour wheel which was stored with the set of Faber Castell Artists Watercolour pencils which I won in a magazine contest 17 years ago and only just used yesterday on this POST...

That was quick you say - for me anyway - well yup - not a lot happening in my little corner of the world at this stage...

If you attend T for Tuesday at Altered Book Lover hosted by the fabulous Bleubeard & Elizabeth you can see another desk as well as the below...
I got a nice little surprise from a friend when she found out about my work situation:

"The Happy Bag"
A marble for those days when you think you have lost yours...
A piece of string to hold it together when everything seems to be falling apart...
A heart to remind you that someone loves you...
A teddy bear for a nice big hug when you need one...
An eraser to make all those little mistakes go away...
A coin so you will never be completely broke...
Attached to the bag was a smiley badge - what a lovely thing - I gave her a big cuddle...
made me feel all warm & fuzzy!!

If you want to join in this fabulous WOYWW blog hop pop over to Stamping Ground where hostess Julia Dunnit has all the goss...

Thanks for stopping by... Mxx


  1. Good to see you still buying bargains... I like the idea of she who dies with most winning.. think I could give you a run for your money!! The happy bag sounds a lovely idea! Hold on to your marble... and have a great WOYWW. Helen 23

  2. Well aren't you the SWEETEST!! Yep, I definitely got to see that earlier today (oops yesterday, now). I still love the turntable supply holder. Every time I see it, I want one. Then I think about the cost and keep on wishing (grin). Happy WOYWW from # 2

  3. what a great photo, and thanks for describing what's in it!
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 38

  4. Well - you can NEVER have enuff stash !!!!! :-D LUV that swirly blue paper on the right there :-)

    What a marvelous idea with that Bag - fantastic. !!

    Happy WOYWW

    IKE xxxx

  5. More shopping? LOL, My order arrived today...will probably wait until the weekend to have a play though. Cathy x

  6. What a lovely gift from a friend - I have something similar but no teddy bear in mine.
    Lovely purchases - happy lady?

    Hugs, Neet xx 25

  7. I love that - Because she who dies with the most wins!!!! I will be repeating that one next time I shop for more stash ;-) Have fun with your new goodies. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 27 x

  8. All those unpacked goodies~ you are gonna have some fun!

  9. Great buys, you can never have too much stash or bling!!

  10. Love all the new goodies and what a bargain price too. You are right about bling. It comes in so many colors that we are doomed to never have just the right one. Enjoying playing!

  11. Just love the description of the happy bag - that's great. Glad you received that. Lots of new stash to have fun with... off you go now!!
    Margaret #37

  12. Nice goodies there. My daughter loves those stick on blings. I love the sheet on the bottom with the blues and swirls, it's gorgeous. The happy bag is such a fabulous idea.
    Have a great week.
    Von #41

  13. Hello, I am sending this to everyone. Im sorry I am not going to be able to get to all the desk and I have now lost my sheet of paper that I was writing them down on. I don't think my cat is going to make it through the night to even see the vet. She is old just like my dog so I guess they are going to get sick at the same time or so. I just going to copy and paste and sorry to every one that I didn't get to read.. I just cant do it right now. Thank you Roberta 40 and bright blessings to all.

  14. That's a lot of stash for the money, well done and what a great excuse to buy more! Hugs. Pam#36

  15. Lots of lovely goodies to play with! And I love the sound of your Happy Bag - what a sweet friend :-)

    Happy woyww

    Debs 102

  16. Well I have to say I am loving all the wonderful new goodies you have acquired, especially those papers and I think that Happy Bag is such a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Have a great week! Danie #62