Tuesday, 17 September 2013

T for Tuesday #10

I missed last week - due to PC issues but I wanted to persevere this week and post no matter how long it takes.... my choice is water again - it is midnight right now - have been on the pc for an hour so far ...

I am still working on a watercolour card I started 2 weeks ago - still not happy - but it is getting there - to help me finish it I went to our Art shop named RIOT and got myself a set of 72 watercolour pencils - that's my Christmas taken care of!!!
I moved out a container of chalks I had in the middle of my carousel and with a little construction to raise the base level popped in the new pencils - ooooh I love them... I added the 24 I already had and there is still room for more... love my carousel don't know how I worked without it...

Here is a close up of the progress - mmm - just not sure what its gonna end up like - but the process is fun...

If you would like to have a quick cuppa and a chat pop on over to Altered Book Lover and catch up with the rest of the creative lovelies...

Thanks for stopping by... Mxx


  1. This is going to be super when it's finished. I'm always in awe when people can draw and paint like you are doing. Those pencils are fantastic. I bet those made a truly AWESOME Christmas gift to yourself. They look like they are the perfect addition to your carousel, too. I've wanted one of those forever, until I learned the cost. Too rich for my blood!

    Sorry you are having blogger issues. Seems you aren't alone today. Marianne can't post because of blogger, either. I hope this is only a temporary issue, and not part of a larger blogger problem.

    Have a great T today, even though I couldn't find a single T in pencil (grin).

  2. i love and adore colored pencils. i discovered the berol prismacolor pencils when the kids were little, and we enjoyed them. i like your trees. the pencils blend well, don't you think?

    i'm sympathetic to your pc problems. that's always such a pain.

  3. What a treat to have all those pencils. I look forward to seeing your finished watercolor. I tend to work on watercolor projects really fast. Probably too fast.


  4. Your art work looks interesting Mo, love the fluid feel it has. Nice pencils too. I'm glad you persevered with blogger, nice to see you again :) Cathy x

  5. Ooh, those pencils look great! I'd take a cup full of colored pencils over a cup of tea any day! Happy T Day!!!

  6. Your painting is awesome so far! That carousel if to die for--everything right at hand & look at all that appealing color on top. You must have been a very good girl this year to give yourself such a nice present!

  7. It looks very abstract, or something out of scream! Probably nothing of the sort! I was trying out ghost stamping on watercolour card but it seems I don't have the right inks, well I might in one of the drawers so will try again!

    Cazzy x

  8. Your card is coming so well. Love the shades of green you have used here.

  9. I LOVE LOVE your card, it's beautiful!! Would love to have those pencils here for me to play with too! Happy T Day!

  10. Your card is soft and lovely...and I am envying you that carousel for pencils!