Wednesday, 25 September 2013

T for Tuesday #11

Had a knock on the door this week and it was a pollster from the Ray Mogan company - they are the polls that are used in Australia for statistics etc - never done one before so thought I would give it a go... apart from the 100 or so questions face to face they left the below blue booklet for me to complete when I have a few minutes to spare LOL

Haven't even opened the cover yet - too much like hard work!!

The red win $1000 is our shop called Target asking for customer feedback online - another thing the internet is stopping me from doing...

And the boring old drink of choice for 9.20PM is ... you guessed it water!!

If you would like to join in on a cuppa and a chat - pop on over to Altered Book Lover - you don't have to drink T to join in the fun!!

Thanks for stopping by... Mxx


  1. Looks like you'll be busy for quite sometime with that booklet. :)

  2. I was interviewed once, but that was back in the late 80s. Now they just rely on the internet. Not as effective, if you ask me.

    Thanks so much for taking time away from that very thick booklet before you open it to enjoy and share a bit of waTer for T today. Hope the written portion goes better (quicker) than the interview.

  3. Never do questionnaires or polls. Can't stand em. I worked in a job once where I had to fill out a reference for a former worker and had to tick Boxes in answer to the questions. There weren't any appropriate boxes to some of them so I added my own!!
    Hugs Mrs a.

  4. Happy T Day (on a Wednesday)! Thanks for visiting my blog. Wow, your pollsters are SERIOUS! Hope your day wasn't all work; hope you found some time for fun, too. :)

  5. I'm rather late for T, but stopped by anyway.
    Have a great week.

  6. Maybe the booklet is in multiple languages & you only have to complete a quarter of it--like some of the installation manuals I've seen.

  7. Goodness, how much do they really want to know about you? Hope you recieve something good for completing it.

    Water. I have to remember to drink more water.


  8. Oh my, you have waaay more patience than I do answering all those questions for free! LOL Market research is a really well paid job and they expect us to do the work for a 'maybe' slot in a prize draw. Pffft! Bit like Design Teams that want your hard work rewarded for a few sheets of paper. ;)

  9. oh, water will be fine, thank you! it's really the best option...have fun with the polling does look like work. almost like a test booklet really...thanks for visiting my blog and your comment. so much appreciated...have a terrific week!

  10. Man! That looks like a huge book full of more questions!
    Water is the best! Happy Belated T-Day. :)