Monday, 14 October 2013

First Free T Day

Hi there - well it is my very first day as an unemployed person and it feels a bit weird - but I think I could get used to it LOL...

I was gifted an orchid as a farewell and was assured it will flower at this time every year... while this is gorgeous now - for someone who can only grow weeds I am enjoying it while I can!!

My drink of choice this day is Orange - Pine juice - half diluted with water - cant stand straight juices - so sweet and strong - I must be getting old...

Hope all my drinking buddies [of the T for Tuesday variety] are having a nice day - if you would like to join in pop on over to Altered Book Lover and let us know what your favourite tipple is...

Thanks for stopping by... Mxx


  1. It's nice to see you are taking your unemployment so well. No remorse at all.

    What a lovely orchid and such a thoughtful farewell gift. All I got when I left my job after 15 years was a card. Of course, a few of my work friends threw a party for me after work, so that was more special than anything my company could have done for me.

    Thanks for sharing T today. Again, I love that orchid!

  2. Hope you enjoyed your first day of non-paid working... cos the work part doesn't go away... just the pay part! LOL It took me a while to get used to having so much free time, so expect some weird moments.

  3. That is a lovely orchid...they are such exotic blooms and can last a nice long while too = Enjoy!
    Congrats on your retirement and new chapter in life.
    Orange and PINE ... what an interesting drink.
    Happy T day to you

  4. The orchid is lovely. I had one once but my allergies started to act up...I ended up giving it to my neighbor.
    I always cut my juice with club soda...makes it a little bubbly and definitely not as sweet.
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. I hope you settle into retirement as most do--wondering how they got anything done while they were working! It does take some time to get used to.

    The orchid is beautiful--one that I have beaded in the past which is the only way I think I could keep one alive, LOL!

  6. Happy T-day! I love being retired and find I have no problem finding tings to do, and STILL have a dusty house LOL I find straight juice too sweet too!

  7. Such a lovely orchid...I hope you find lots of time to do artsy and crafty things now that you aren't going to work. I suspect you will end up wondering how you ever found time to 'go to work!' Happy T Tuesday!

  8. Lovely Orchid, very strange plants seeing they grow on other trees in the wild. Mine never last long, but my mum has a few that are quite old! I had tea today and biscuits but they got eaten before i took the photo!
    Happy T day!

  9. Hi, Happy Belated T Day! Sorry I'm really late getting around to everyone this week. Your orange-pineapple juice sounds delicious, and healthy too.

    Best of luck with your job search!