Tuesday, 1 October 2013

WOYWW #226

Um aaahhhh - I didn't mean to do it - they just jumped into my shopping basket on their own - and they were so cheap!!!

Oh Hi... its Wednesday and I have been missing for a few weeks - I decided that I shouldn't post if I cant make the effort to visit - self torture cos I do so love being involved...

Ok am just talking gobbledy gook aren't I - here is my work desk which will explain the first comment...
Being a Tombow owner I have successfully avoided copic's, distress markers etc.... but now I just had a brain explosion and took the plunge with the above... they were only $2.95 each so I thought it would be a chance to delve into the world of blended colouring and there is no reason to stick to one brand is there - I chose black because apparently you can use it to colour lets say a gold sticker and it looks fab so it expands the sticker usage... and the blender pen of course - then I thought what colour will I start with and yellow seemed to be the colour I gravitated to - this is the whole yellow gambit of this brand... will see how it goes... now I just need to get a container to put them in...LOL
[By the way they are not SU brand - I just noticed the catalogue poking out from underneath after I posted... They are Kaisercraft - Fusion]
My 2nd statement relates to the fact that the last 2 times I have posted I actually didn't make it to visiting anyone back - and I feel awful about it - so I didn't post at all last week... as many of you know my job was made redundant and I am finishing up after 16 years in the next week or so - I think that may be the reason for my lack of "focus" - but I am hoping this too shall pass...
Ok enough rambling - if you want to know all about WOYWW - head on over to Stamping Ground and let our hostess Julia Dunnit fill you in...
I am off to visit now - thanks for stopping by... I really love and appreciate every single visitor... Mxx


  1. Hi Maudieroff - thanks for visiting me earlier..not a chance of sharing the unedited pics..they are BAD!! You don't HAVE to visit, but I think posting keeps us all sane and I love to see you here. I know how hard it is to be made redundant, having had this happen 3 times. Chin up lady, you'll be just fine and have wonderful time for crafting. Love the pens...am I being dense?! What brand are they? Love the fact you have started with one colour palette.I am a Promarker junkie! Cx #32

  2. I don't do much colouring these days, have Tombows too, and Marvy's (probably dried out now, mostly..) so have also avoided the copics explosion!! Have fun with them.... Helen 14

  3. I'll be checking back with you to see how you get along with the new color markers, Maureen. I've avoided them, too, but I can see why you couldn't pass them up at that price! I agree with you about not doing WOYWW if you've no time to comment; doesn't see right.

    I hope that crafting and your family and crafting friends will help you deal with the transition from your job after so many years. I know it's not an easy thing to go through. You have to give yourself permission to grieve it; it's like a family after all that time. But then other things will fill you up if you let them ~ I promise! Happy WOYWW! Darnell #10

  4. morning, fab colours on the pens - they do have a tendancy to "jump" in baskets don't they? Sorry to hear about the job, I lost mine last year after 10 years but now I have a job that I love more than the last one, so not always bad, Donna #47

  5. Hi
    It's great to have new stuff to play with and it sounds like you may need some distraction when your job finishes but hey who knows what will happen ... It may be a good thing in the end. Know what you mean about visiting it is kind of the whole point but we all understand it is difficult sometimes at least you know there are lots of great preeps out there if you need them
    Have a great Wednesday
    Janet @57

  6. I haven't been linking up to WOYWW for the same reason, but the dog got me up early this morning, so thought I'd jump around a bit on the blogs. I have mostly Tombow markers, but have added a few of the alcohol, mixed brands. I find I still use my Prisma colored pencils and OMS to color with the most. Let us know how you like them.

  7. I seem to have a craft magnet on my basket every time I walk into a craft shop so you don't have to explain! I lost my job nearly 4 years ago but thankfully I've found so much else to do that I don't miss it at all!! Hugs. Pam#41

  8. Oh, markers - my addiction! Watch out, they do have a tendency to jump in your basket and then the ones at home cry out for more friends to join them, its a fact. Have fun playing with them! Kate #51

  9. Hi Maureen, so sorry to read of your redundancy ... that would discombobulate anyone ... what are your plans for the future? Are you going to be job hunting or can you take a bit of time out to review the situation ... that would be nice if you could.

    The new pens are gorgeous ... not too surprising that they 'jumped' into your basket at that price. Look forward to seeing what you do with them.

    Thanks for dropping by my desk earlier. You had me rushing to count my TH ink pads after mentioning that there are 42 colours available ... I now feel deprived! My count revealed I have only got half that, 21 :)) I keep meaning to buy a couple more, for example, the olive green would be very useful, but then I forget and do nothing. Some day I'll add a few more.

    Have a very good week despite everything that is happening to you right now. Hugs, Elizabeth x #49

  10. It's so much fun to splurge money on art supplies. Have fun with them, and have a marvelous WOYWW! #13

  11. Hiya! What a lot you got! They are all yellow? How many do you need to do a picture? LOL Thanks for visiting me, even though I am not WOYWW-ing this week, trying to catch up with everyone from last week! Annette

  12. I'm a pen addict too once another blogger got me started on Promarkers! Bad bad people ;-) Have fun with them. #53

  13. Gosh so much YELLOW! I just have ONE blue pro-marker I got free in a magazine and have no intention to getting anymore. I think I'll leave the colouring-in to others! Thanks for the visit BJ#39

  14. I'm mostly avoiding the whole marker thing...people do beautiful things with it and I color occasionally but mostly with the distress inks, so its like watercoloring and I can live with that...besides I love stamps too much to stop spending on them and start spending on markers! lol Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment already. If you come back next week you should get to see what was in the bags.:) Deeyll #43

  15. Lovely new pens Maureen. Not a happy time in life right now, but hopefully when one door closes another, and better one, will open for you. And when it's all done and dusted you'll be able to focus again. Have a great weekend and enjoy your pens!

    Brenda 6

  16. The folks above have all summed up what I was going to say...but honestly. this really IS the start of a whole new chapter...it was for my husband and me. We'd never have jacked in a steady job, but the redundancy made us move in a more positive direction and, looking back, can say it was the best thing that could have happened. But yes, it stank at the time.

    So, I 'm sending you big, positive, strong hugs....it will all turn out fine.

    Love from LLJ xxxxxxxxx

  17. Glad you're loving your new markers. Isn't it great how stuff just jumps into our shopping carts? I plan to go to the craft store today, and I'm pretty sure several things will leap into my basket. :-D

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the kind comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #1

  18. Wow, lovely new toys! I'm keen to hear what you think of these markers Mo. Looking forward to seeing you soon, Cathy x