Monday, 28 October 2013

Kitty T for Tuesday

I'll start off with todays beverage - Caramel Capacinno - yummy - and my good old bottled water... the red & white are a work in progress - my daughter wants a costume fixed up so she can attend Supernova in week or so - its like the American Comicon - where they meet stars from Sci-Fi, Anime etc last year she had her pic taken with Elvira - a horror movie presenter from the 70's...

Just checked out Bleubeard and Elizabeth's post over at Altered Book Lover for T and Bleubeard features prominently - fabulous stuff Elizabeth - and it reminded me of a few photos I have of my Smokey stored away on a mobile phone - NO PHOTOSHOPPING involved!!
They are a bit dodgy being from an old mobile and look quite "sinister" LOL

Hello - is it dinner time yet?? Right up in my face on the lounge...

Take me to your leader...

Seriously - can you stop using the flash when you take my photo??


I think I hear someone coming - can you open the door so I can check it out??
Heehee - life is never dull when Smokey is around...
If you would like to have a cuppa and a browse around some very creative blogs pop on over to Altered Book Lover and check out what everyone has been up to this Tuesday!!
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  1. Bleubeard was SO impressed. He especially likes the one that looked like a goblin with the light coming out of his eyes. So appropriate for this time of year (and very SciFi-ish, too).

    I have a friend who has a lifesize Elvira cardboard stand-up that greets people to his house. So I definitely knew who she is, although I didn't until he told me several years ago.

    Thanks so much for joining T with Bleubeard today.

  2. Hello and Happy T day !! So fun to see Smokey here, wish I had thought to do a cat post, he's all black and fits in with Halloween. Love the photos ! Good luck on your costume, how awesome for those who know how to sew and can make their own. Have a good week and thanks for sharing.

  3. Ohhh, those glowing blue eyes! Scary time of year.


  4. Smokey's glowing eyes photos are great!
    We happened upon a group all decked out in Anime customs doing a photo shoot at the Botanical Gardens in Wash was such fun seeing them and they just happened to fit a photo scavenger hunt requirement we had too = Fun!
    How nice you can make a costume for your must be a really fun and colorful event!
    Happy T Day

  5. LOL is Smokey glowing or what! Meeting Sci-Fi actors sounds like fun, since I have been a Sci-Fi fan for years.
    Happy T day

  6. Ah, Elvira--years ago I had a video game that she starred in! Smokey looks spooky in those flash photos--perfect for Halloween! Happy T Day & Happy Halloween!

  7. Love the pics of Smokey! One very cool cat to allow such nonsense hey. :) Happy T day!

  8. Wow...those were some scary eyes!! I hope we'll get to see the finished costume.

  9. love the glowing eyes! you kitty is so beautiful.

  10. ...great caption on that glowing-eyed photo!. what a hoot...happy Tuesday!