Wednesday, 17 July 2013

T for Tuesday #1

Hi there - the lovely Elizabeth over at Altered Book Lover had a stroke of inspiration and has started the T for Tuesday bloggie hop... post a photo of your workspace with a drinking vessel in it and relate a story relating to T for Tuesday - you don't have to drink T to be in it....

My inaugural post is a little bit of a set up as being the first I didn't have anything prepared - but it gives me an opportunity to share where my head goes every time I have a cup of coffee from my now favourite mug...

The mug actually belonged to a boss I had not that long ago... she was my Manager and was / is an inspiration to me - I worked with her for 6 years and in that time her strength, determination and attitude would inspire anyone who knew what she was going through... of course she shall remain nameless but anyone that knows her will recognise this story...

Firstly her 23 year old daughter who had just given the family the first granddaughter 6 months before hand was diagnosed with MS - a stressful time investigating, learning, and praying. 6 months later she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer - chemo, radio, hair loss etc - and still able to meet and greet with the biggest smile and most positive attitude... then another 6 months and her mother took ill and passed away - the dread we all have to face at some time in our lives - but while dealing with the other issues - strength shone through  - next her house was flooded and no she didn't lose everything but the costs of flood cannot be counted when old photos and mementos cannot be replaced... I hate to say it but then still dealing with everything the cancer continued to ravage and further chemo and a mastectomy was faced - meanwhile she was supporting me going through a separation and relocation from my family home with my then 9 year old daughter... she was also still managing an IT Service Desk with 12 staff - it took its toll and she decided to go for extended leave and then to retire - and joy of joys - she got married to her best friend of 25 years who had during all this time gone through his own separation and divorce....

Why share all this with everyone??
Its to let you know where I gain my inspiration to pull my boot straps up and get on with it... and I was lucky enough to score this fab coffee cup which she left behind when she retired...

There you go - hope that's not too deep for the T for Tuesday theme - and it will get better from here I assure you - I do have other inspirational people in my life - and they all help me be the person I am... I may share some of their stories in the coming weeks and months... Thanks Elizabeth.

Thanks for stopping by... Mxx


  1. Thank you SO much for sharing this story. I'm still teary-eyed over this very inspirational way to celebrate your first T. And thank you beyond belief for joining T Stands For Tuesday. I'm delighted that you chose an empty cup, too. It's rather symbolic of what T stands for.

  2. I believe part of the reason we are all here together is to help lift each other up. No one knows what small act they do in a day may be the catalyst for another to move further along on their journey.
    On a note about the mug... I really and truly do not like drinking hot beverages out of clear mugs. I don't know why, it just feels odd to me so if that were my mug I would reserve it for, say, a rootbeer/coke float! Mmmm
    Happy T!

  3. Wow, that is one inspiring story! What a terrific lady she sounds and I hope she has found true happiness. Often it finds you when you least expect it.

    hugs, Di xx

  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. We could all take a lesson from this lady! I'll look forward to getting to know you through T for Tuesday!

  5. Great post Mo, hope all is going well for them :) Cathy x

  6. Lovely post, and what a tower of strength your friend is! So lovely that she has found happiness later in life and can still be there for others. Annette

  7. What a truly inspiring person your boss was. I can see why you cherish that mug, and it must be a fantastic reminder to you, when life gets you down, to remember all that strength & lifting up that you had. I'm sure you are a strong person yourself, to go through the bit you related on your own life. It's so amazing when we look around, see the trials that folks are enduring, then give our own troubles a bit of reassessment. Wish I could meet your 'tower of strength' as she sounds a fantastic person. I was so please to read at the end, that she found happiness, & hope she is continuing to do well in her health issues. MS is no picnic either; my niece who makes the cards I post, has dealt with it many years now. She doesn't let it get her down, and I'm always so especially touched when she makes me a card. Her motor controls are not what they once were, and I know the effort that has gone into something she makes for me. She still runs for MS, and does everything she can to maintain her life styles, doesn't complain either. She's a big inspiration for me. Glad you surfed over to Loll's will love her site. Great cards, along with tutorials. She makes the most lovely candy for her giveaways too! TFS & have a wonderful evening. Hugs