Tuesday, 23 July 2013

T for Tuesday #2

I just got home - stripped off & into my house clothes - we don't wear our house clothes in public!! Make myself a vegemite sandwich and a drink and turn onto blogging... boing - Voodoo Vixen has already posted for this week - that's right its Tuesday... so I grab the camera and voila...

No set up this time - this is how it is - you know you are getting over the hill when you have a pair of specs for everything - the white are for distance, the purple are for close work at the PC & stuff, I have another pair beside the bed for up close reading - can't even walk to the loo in those ones cos its so fuzzy... and of course I finally got me a pair of prescription sunnies - of the distance kind... whew - 4 pairs of glasses... I'm only 50 - what the heck is coming next??!! LOL - the TV remote and the ph within easy reach... and of course you can see my vegi sanger waiting for a bite...
My water bottle is never very far away - carry one everywhere - my choice of drink this week is mineral water with Pickfords Lemon Lime & Bitters cordial... surely the most superior brand ever - their cranberry is just delish, and the lemon barley etc etc...
I must thank everyone for visiting me and saying such nice things after our inaugural posting - I thought maybe I'd been a bit over the top - but not so by the lovely comments... and funnily enough that tower of strength I was talking about is once again stepping into the fray for me - I rang her out of the blue to ask if she would be my reference as I have to apply for my own job due to restructure realignments happening in the workplace... different name same result!! She didn't hesitate... of course... I had one week to prep my resume, covering letter and sit for an interview now have to wait almost 2 weeks to see if I got it... makes me mad - "management" had a month's warning to get their act together - but we workers well get your skates on or else... of course if you don't apply then you just are not interested in working are you... wish I could afford to stay home and play every day!!
Just while I am here - thanks to my lovely little bunch of followers - I actually hit # 13 today - unlucky for some but one of my fave numbers!!
Welcome to "Planetsusie" I will be heading over for a gander shortly...
Thanks for stopping by... Mxx


  1. LOL... you made me smile with your glasses... I have worn them forever... and still have to take them off to use the 'pooter but lately when I am scrapping I have had to root out a reading pair!! Yikes... old age stinks! Your drink sounds lovely and refreshing, think I will be on the lookout for the cranberry one.
    Having to apply for your own job must be weird... bt at least they know you can do it, so presumably you are in with a chance? !

  2. Visiting from T for Tuesday...I wear separate reading & distance glasses, too, and sometimes pick up the wrong ones and have a momentary panic that something has gone very wrong, LOL! Good luck with your job application.

  3. yeah yeah yeah, I hit the glasses in every room and in every purse at 42. Suck much? yes, but cool frames are where it's at so I say be bold and be beautiful! (I turned 47 today-- yippie!!)
    I have never had vegeimite but would try it if asked. I ate poi a few times and it can't be worse than grey paste. :-}
    I drink water all day, too. I'm just into the plain stuff, always have been. I hope you have a wonderful T today!!

  4. I wear my glasses when I go out in public, but only if I'm driving. I rue the day I need glasses to read or watch TV.

    Had to laugh at your clothes comment. Mine reads (summertime only) clothes in public, no clothes in the house. Too hot to wear them, even with the AC if full force.

    It's so good to be able to call on a friend in time of need, and a reference for a job interview is definitely a time of need. I hope you get the job you want, regardless the new name, since you've been doing it. Experience should always be valued.

  5. LOL! I have a pair of readers in craft room, bedroom, kitchen and by my end of the sofa and a pair in my purse! For distance I am supposed to wear corrective lenses, but find I don't use them much anymore unless I'm traveling out of town.
    That sucks to have to apply for your job again. I agree about management always taking their time but the workers have to jump through ALL the hoops as fast as they can. I finally hit the magic (?) age and retired a year ago, so I do have more than a few years on you! I just didn't want to "jump" through the hoops anymore.

  6. Having stock in eye glasses would probably be a lucrative thing ;)
    Your drink sounds very refreshing and not like anything we might find here in the Wash DC area...on a recent trip to the UK I fell in Love with some Elderflower Lemonade ... I was over the moon to actually find it was sold here in the states!
    Happy T day to you

  7. i keep those little reading glasses everywhere. i found out the dollar tree sells them, so now i keep a pair in my purse, a pair in my car, a pair by each chair, a pair around my neck... handy!

  8. Never heard of the flavored mineral water you are drinking but it sound good. I like the taste of cranberries a lot. Have to go through your archives and see some of what you do with paper.


  9. I so understand about all the glasses
    I am just the same as you, just two pairs more!!!!!
    I also have narrow angle glaucoma and had holes lazered into my eyes last year to help when the pressure is so high, which it is most of the time!!!!!
    I am the same age as you as we'll !!!!
    I've been told I have about five years till I loose my sight so lots of crafting and coffee to fit in yet!