Wednesday, 3 July 2013

WOYWW #213

Hello WOYWWer's... hope everyone has had a fantastic week - I usually lose my momentum on Monday nights after a long day in front of the computer at work - but this week it has kept going and I was quite productive for a change. I like to think its cos of all the fabulous posts I can now see from all of the blogs I am following - and that's a big Thanks to Julie Dunnit - host of Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday every week... if you would like to visit creative spaces across the globe pop over to Stamping Ground and take a peek...

Now for my little piece of paradise [LOL]...

Last week I didn't have any chocolates on my desk and there were howls from the gallery so I grabbed a share bag of Lindt - but you better be quick - I know of people who come back for seconds LOL...

Also last week I showed off my bling and colour drawers - this week I have my "tidy" ribbon drawer out - my "untidy" ribbon drawer is safely stashed away with all its little snippets in plastic bags - doesn't look anywhere near as good...

My current project is a monochrome floral card - I stamped this Hero Arts Wildflower Garden [one of my sisters] and embossed it with sparkle ep over a year ago - and of course while looking for something else it took my fancy and made it to centre stage - along with the green paper I had out last week for use with Chrissy cards... underneath my glass cutting mat is the recipe for a custom made card - a friend saw a birthday card I made and wants it done as an anniversary card in different colours...

At the back on top of my tiny embellishment drawers are the snail & dragonfly stamps still out since last week along with wrapping tissue and an owl tag from a prize win thanks to the wonderful Di at Pixies Crafty Workshop - I am such a lucky girl...  on the right is the leftovers from my week into the world of Poinsettia cards and the "Color Me" scrapbooking sheets by Hot Off The Press that I obtained in 2010 and have been experimenting with ...

And finally - what do I keep under my table you ask??? Besides cat dander and fluff - its my tissues and knitting bag on the middle shelf - have been knitting a throw for my sofa for years... and underneath in a cute basket - card stock and envelopes within arms reach when I get going...

I was lucky enough to stock up two years ago when a "cheap" shop up here had 10 pre- packaged cards & envelopes in a wide range of colours for only $2.50 - didn't last long - the next day when I went back they had completely run out... wasn't me - I didn't do it LOL... the C6 card stock at the back was bought at a craft
show a few years ago too...
funny how stuff lasts for ages - then all of a sudden its gone!!

There you go - that's your lot for this week - now its my turn to traipse around spying on people checking out the creative peoples of the world...

Thanks heaps for stopping by... Mxx


  1. I thought I had a lot of ribbon, but you beat me hands down! Great desk this week. #49

  2. I love all your beautiful, well-organized materials. Your work desk is a treat to behold! Julie Ann #54 xx

  3. What a lot of ribbon you have!!!!!!!
    You seem very good at keeping it all tidy well done

  4. Wow I have a tidy ribbon tray & a plastic box of bits too - thought I was the only one - great to meet you !! Ali #28

  5. That is all very tidy, and I love that you showed us your tidy ribbons not the messy ones!

    Love the card all in green and white. Now I have been round all the "3s" and might go round a few others tomorrow when I feel more cheerful.

    Cazzy x

  6. That is such a tidy ribbon box, I feel a touch embarrassed by mine now :) I love the card too, the colours are very soothing. I too have a card blank box to hand, nothing worse than hunting for a card...Happy WOYWW Cx #122

  7. Fun post, Maureen, and beautiful card (I saw the finished one on the way in)! Love your tidy ribbon box and great buy on all the card!! I'll check back for your birth date; thank you for joining my new crusade!! Thank you for visiting, too! Happy WOYWW!! Darnell #77

  8. Ooooh - gorgeous stash of ribbons AND chocolate too.... I'll be right over :-D
    Happy WOYWW

    IKE x #30

  9. look at all that lush ribbon and all so neat and tidy, I am like you needing everything neat and tidy so it is lovely looking around your space
    Happy WOYWW enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #52

  10. I really want to play with all that ribbon! :o)
    the card looks gorgeous - really pretty and elegant.
    Annie C #120