Tuesday, 30 July 2013

T for Tuesday #3

Its only a water bottle this week - trying to cut down on coffee and have already had 3 today...

Not sure what's going on with my internet at the moment - cant get access in FB to work and now trying to link up to blogs is mucking up - I get the blog but not the comments option and cannot see the side buttons where people have their lists etc... sooo weird...

Hope everyone had and will have a fabulous week... I am in waiting to see what job I will get now... this is the worst bit - breathing... LOL

Take care all and thanks for stopping by... Mxx

If you would like to join in sharing T for Tuesday pop on over to Altered Book Lover where Bleubeard & Elizabeth are our gracious hosts...


  1. That is about the only thing I wouldn't drink... don't actually like water! LOL Hope you get the interwebs sorted, nothing worse than it playing silly beggars!

  2. Water is my favorite drink actually always refreshing and just right!
    Such a pain when techie stuff goes south...it drives me crazy when things are working fine one minute and then the next...!
    Best of luck on your job search
    Happy T today

  3. I hope the problem you're having with the internet is on their end and your computer doesn't have some kind of virus.

    I'm with Annette. I don't like water, either. Weird I know since it's so good for you.

    My fingers are crossed that you get the job you so richly deserve (and have been doing).

  4. I hope your computer woes come to a swift end. I hear you about needing to cut back on the coffee. It's a hard thing to do.

  5. Fingers crossed for this job opportunity!!
    That weird internet cross linkage thingy happens to me on my iPad. When I read a blog and want to comment, some of them just won't let me in. O well, I just take that to mean my comments are probably not welcome that time. lol
    Happy T to you today

  6. I'm with VV, not much of a water drinker either, and I know better, but I am who I am......is that Dr. Suess? LOL

  7. i always start the day with water, but i add a piece of lemon and some ice to mine. i'm in my 2nd cuppa coffee right now, so i'm behind you lol

  8. I will drink Water but only the fizzy stuff. Not a good Idea really. I hope you get your Interweb all sorted out. I hate when i can't get a web conection

  9. I hear ya bout the wifi difficulty. I had to wait two hours but mine would me post today. Hugs

  10. It's never fun when the internet doesn't behave--hope it gets resolved soon. Happy T Tuesday!

  11. Well I am the odd one out. I drink 120 ounces of water a day. I can't go an hour with out water.